LA Rams Draft: Top 50 Rams Big Board for 2023 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft Rams Roster DeMarcco Hellams
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2023 NFL Draft Big Board: 25-27 features DeMarco Hellams, Zakhari Franklin, Ainias Smith

At this point in the draft, the LA Rams enter the point in the draft where the team has the majority of the draft picks and oftentimes does the best work at selecting key contributors to the roster. Will that happen this year?

25  DeMarcco Hellams, Defensive Back, Alabama

The LA Rams need secondary help, and a 6-foot-1 208-pound versatile defensive back out of the University of Alabama named DeMarcco Hellams is a great place to start. Because the Rams have a severely limited number of picks on Day 2, some of even the more urgent needs on the roster will fall to Day 3. Hellams is the type of play who projects to Day 3 and could still make a solid impact in a contributing role in the Rams’ secondary. Because Hellams has filled a number of roles in the Alabama secondary, he is versatile enough to play as both a safety and a slot corner. His coverage skills are quite a debate, as he is cited in multiple draft profiles as better in either zone or better in man, but not both. Be safe and expect that he will slowly ease into a rotational role for the Rams in his rookie season.

26  Zakhari Franklin, Wide Receiver, UTSA

If the LA Rams have not added a wide receiver in the draft, yet, they will find it very difficult to pass over the 6-foot-1 185-pound wide receiver out of UTSA named Zakhari Franklin. He possesses all of the receivers attributes most prized by the LA Rams offense. He is a great blocker. He can run precise routes and in doing so generate plenty of separation from defensive backs. Because he does not possess elite speed or power, he can get jammed at the line of scrimmage which throws off the timing of his routes. He makes the most of his opportunities, scoring over 10 touchdowns in each of his past two seasons. The Rams roster is deep enough at the WR position to sit Franklin long enough to allow him to bulk up for the NFL if necessary. But don’t get me wrong, he has the chops to earn playing time from the get-go.

27  Ainias Smith, Wide Receiver, Texas A&M

There is a lot to unpack when sitting down to cover the potential of the 5-foot-10 190-pound wide receiver out of Texas A&M named Ainias Smith. For starters, mentioning the fact that his background includes playing wide receiver, free safety, cornerback, and running back positions in high school. So using the word versatile seems like a drastic understatement. Although just 5-foot-10, this young man is an expert at timing his jumps, climbing the ladder, and catching the football at its high point, outjumping much taller DBs in the process. He is excellent at making adjustments to catch underthrown passes.  He can get open quite frequently, becoming a go-to receiver when moving the chains is a must. With his height and lack of off-the-charts speed and athleticism, some teams simply won’t be interested. But the LA Rams could be.