LA Rams Draft: Top 50 Rams Big Board for 2023 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft Rams roster Connor Galvin
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2023 NFL Draft Big Board: 28-30 features Connor Galvin, Chris Braswell, Charlie Jones

The Rams’ roster has far more needs than their two early picks can address. Because the Rams have been effective at picking contributors from as late as the fifth round in past drafts, don’t discount the potential of any rookie prospect chosen on Day 3.  Who might the Rams choose? Here are some prospects who have jumped out:

28  Connor Galvin, Offensive Tackle, Baylor

Part of the reason that offensive linemen chosen even as late as middle to late Day 3 in an NFL Draft can be quite effective in the NFL is due to the simple fact that blocking, for all of its nuances, is essentially the same task from peewee football through the NFL Pro Bowl. Different players mature a different pace, which changes the timeline and upside of some young offensive linemen even as they enter the NFL. 6-foot-7 302-pound offensive tackle out of Baylor named Connor Galvin is one such example. He has good football sense, and a wonderful mean streak. He has been exclusively a left tackle for Baylor and should project to that role in the NFL. Galvin is not without the need for improvement, as he must improve the use of his hands to win line-of-scrimmage battles consistently. He infrequently overextends in run blocking, allowing defenders to skirt past him. He needs to get a bigger base to help lower his overall center of gravity. But he is a solid mauler and offers starting potential even into Day 3.

29  Chris Braswell, EDGE, Alabama

I believe that the LA Rams could target the EDGe position multiple times in the 2023 NFL Draft, and the 6-foot-3 240-pound outside linebacker from Alabama named Chris Braswell could be one such rookie prospect selected by the Rams in this draft. Braswell is athletically freakish, squatting 705 pounds and power-cleans 405 pounds. Braswell is adept at coverage, getting to his spots quickly, anticipating the throws, and having enough power and speed to stay close when covering tight ends over the middle. But the question is, can this guy get after the quarterback? The answer is yes, but he relies on his burst at the snap and his power too much. He needs some refinement in his pass-rush techniques. But he is healthy, powerful, and fast. So he seems like a great investment.

30  Charlie Jones, Wide Receiver, Purdue

The LA Rams are currently not expecting to lose more than KR/PR/WR Brandon Powell this offseason due to an expiring contract. But the Rams often draft with the next season’s attrition in mind, and in 2024 contracts for both J.J. Koski and Van Jefferson expire. One such young prospect, a 6-foot-0 180-pound Purdue wide receiver named Charlie Jones could be added to the team to allow sufficient time to grow into a significant rotational player for the 2024 NFL season. Jones has soft dependable hands and an excellent focus, allowing him to follow the ball’s trajectory right into the catch. He is a playmaker, offering the potential to also excel at either a kick returner or punt returner role as well. Jones is a solid possession type of receiver but has flashed the ability to make contested catches.  The Rams love receivers, and there is plenty to love about Charlie Jones.