LA Rams Draft: Top 50 Rams Big Board for 2023 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft Rams roster Nick Broeker
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2023 NFL Draft Big Board: 31-33 features Nick Brocker, Carter Warren, Robert Beal Jr.

At this point on the draft board, the LA Rams will be looking to add sufficient depth to positions, as well as try to target young prospects who could contribute positively to special teams as well.

31  Nick Broeker, (Interior) Offensive Lineman, Ole Miss

6-foot-5 315-point interior offensive lineman Nick Broeker out of Ole Miss is a solid young prospect for the Rams’ offensive line. While he played offensive tackle at the college level, his radius of optimal play is small enough to give serious consideration to sliding him inside. He has good athleticism, good hands, and an excellent mean streak that makes him the type of offensive lineman that fans love to see on the football field. While he plays with physicality, he could use additional time in the weight room to truly unlock beast mode.

32  Carter Warren, Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh

The LA Rams look to the far Eastern time zone once more, this time to target a 6-foot-5 325-pound offensive tackle from the University of Pittsburgh named Carter Warren. Warren is adept at both pass and run blocking. He has powerful hands, squares his shoulders to his opponent, and sits back with a wide base that allows him to absorb the rush but maintain the balance to move laterally.  So why does he fall? He will enter the NFL at 25 years of age, potentially limiting the length of his NFL career.  But at least one draft profile asserts that his stance gives a tell to defenders whether the play is pass or run, and even which direction the play is going. I was unable to detect that, but perhaps scouts have.

33  Robert Beal Jr., EDGE, Georgia

If getting to the quarterback is the only objective in getting an outside linebacker, then 6-foot-4 250-pound Georgia outside linebacker Robert Beal Jr. may not be your cup of tea. But if you want to get a functionally well-round outside linebacker who can defend the run, play solid pass coverage, set the edge, and get after the quarterback, now you are talking about Robert Beal Jr.’s wheelhouse. Beal has surprising quickness in rushing the passer, but he uses that speed to set up a nice spin move that is very effective as well. He has a good nose for the football and wraps up his tackles with textbook precision. He is a bit raw, thanks to limited opportunities on a deep Bulldog defense. But he has all of the tools, great instincts, and a fundamental understanding of the role.