LA Rams Draft: Top 50 Rams Big Board for 2023 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft Jaxson Kirkland
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Priority Free Agent signings

46  Jaylon Thomas, Interior Offensive Lineman, SMU

6-foot-5 311-pound offensive lineman Jaylon Thomas may not hear his name called in the 2023 NFL Draft, but he is definitely worth a training camp roster spot. He is deemed a bit slow, but offensive linemen do not sprint downfield.

player. Draft Buzz. Pro Footaall Network. SMU. JaylenThomas. 46. 884. OL

47  Jaxson Kirkland, Offensive Tackle, Washington
Once considered a sure-fire Day 2 prospect, 6-foot-7 310-pound Washington offensive tackle Jaxson Kirkland’s stock has fallen a bit. But he is an offensive lineman who is a son of an offensive lineman. Never ignore a legacy player if you can avoid it.

OT. Washington. 47. 818. Draft Network. JaxsonKirkland. player. Draft Buzz

48  Xavier Thomas, EDGE, Clemson

There is plenty of depth at edge rusher, and 6-foot-2 255-pound Clemson outside linebacker/defensive end Xavier Thomas is a very good prospect who falls due to such a crowded field. He has a solid spin move and can make plays. He is too inconsistent with handwork and gets ridden around the arc too often.

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49  Darrell Luter Jr, CB, South Alabama

The 6-foot-0 186-pound cornerback named Darrell Luter Jr. out of South Alabama may not appear on every NFL team’s radar. I do expect the LA Rams to know who he is, and be prepared to sign him if he is not drafted. He literally smothers the receiver, allowing just 26 percent of passes to be caught when targeting his receiver. But he has to prove that he is every bit as NFL-worthy as prospects from larger football programs.

DB. South Alabama. 2117. PFN Draft. DarrellLuter Jr.. 49. player. AL Draft

50  J.J. Weaver, LB, Kentucky

Rams OC Liam Coen will no doubt have plenty to say about 6-foot-5 242-pound Kentucky outside linebacker J.J. Weaver. He has great length and coverage skills, which alone make him worth signing to the roster. But he has good balance, is quite flexible, and has the ideal power and length to play the position. He gets lost in traffic against the run, and his tackles do not always bring the player down immediately.

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I would like to thank NFL and particularly site expert Hunter Haas for all of his help in tackling such an ambitious project.  Rather than just toss darts blindly at a random dart board, we tackled this Rams Big Board by setting where and how often the Rams can make selections, comparing that to their historic tendencies (whether we loved them or hated them) and then overlayed it all with the teams most likely roster needs.

There you have it. 50 players across all rounds and even into undrafted players who could join the LA Rams for the 2023 NFL season. Do you like any of the players named here? Did we miss someone you like who could be on the board for the Rams when the team steps up to the podium? Let us know in the comments section.