LA Rams Draft: Top 50 Rams Big Board for 2023 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft Jahmyr Gibbs
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2023 NFL Draft Big Board: 1-3 features Jahmyr Gibbs, Zay Flowers, Loaded Offense Group

If you are not giddy about the LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft just yet, perhaps you should be. The earliest that the LA Rams have selected a player in any NFL draft since hiring Sean McVay as the LA Rams head coach in 2017 was the 44th overall pick used to select current starting tight end Gerald Everett.

Right now, the LA Rams are projected to select the 45th overall prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft, and that position could improve even more if the team drops future games.

1  Jahmyr Gibbs, Running Back, Alabama

If the LA Rams want to put a tiger in the tank of their running back room then they will want to give serious consideration to 5-foot-11 200-pound Alabama running back Jahmyr Gibbs. He has almost unlimited athleticism and a background as both a runner and receiver that creates a uniquely attractive skillset.

He has the power to dish out punishment as a power-back option, making him a viable potential complement to LA Rams rookie RB Kyren Williams. Every rookie arrives in kit form, and Gibbs is no exception. The Rams will need to get him into the weight room to build muscle mass, as well as pay close attention to help improve his pass-blocking techniques.  He has been described as a faster Deebo Samuel, which would be a good thing to have in the Rams roster going forward.

2  Zay Flowers, Wide Receiver, Boston College

If the LA Rams have not soured on smallish wide receivers who can stretch the field, then Boston College’s wide receiver Zay Flowers might hear his name called pretty early in the draft by the Rams on draft day.  Flowers is a 5-foot-10 172-pound receiver who has the entire battery and skills that gave so much upside to LA Rams WR Tutu Atwell but in a slightly perceptible heavier frame.  That is both a boon and a bane for Rams fans, who have yet to shake off the team’s selection of Atwell rather than fan favorite IOL Creed Humphrey.

Flowers is not a clone of Tutu Atwell, however. He is gifted with an amazing ability to start, stop, and change his direction in such a way that makes him nearly impossible to defend. Flowers have been most frequently compared to Seattle Seahawks veteran WR Tyler Lockett, and I can see the similarity. Will the Rams call Zay Flowers’s name? Well, he is a receiver, so that makes it about a 50/50 probability.

3  Jalin Hyatt, Wide Receiver, Tennessee

We know that the LA Rams love to select a wide receiver with their first selection of the draft, and if that track record holds true in the 2023 NFL Draft, then 6-foot-0 185-pound Tenessee wide receive Jalin Hyatt could be the first rookie added to the Rams roster.  He has been projected by some early draft profiles as the top receiver projected in the 2023 NFL Draft. Of course, that all gets reshuffled based on the final 2022 college statistics and the results of the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine.

But he has shown throughout his 2022 season that he can dominate on the football field against tough secondaries. He has dominated at the college level but has done so with superior athleticism, creating questions about his ability to expand his route tree. He is a speedy catcher, a receiver who outraces coverages to create separation. Is that a direction the Rams offense wants to take in 2023? If so, then Jalin Hyatt is an ideal choice.