LA Rams Draft: Top 50 Rams Big Board for 2023 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft Bralen Trice
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2023 NFL Draft Big Board: 14-16 features Bralen Trice, Garrett Williams, and Jacob Cowing

The Rams could add to their lone Round 3 pick if the team opts to trade back with their Round 2 pick. While that may unsettle some fans who get emotionally attached to a single prospect rather easily, it makes sense from the Rams’ perspective.  Rookies, even those who are among the Top-10, are no sure thing. To defeat the risk of whiffing, many teams simply choose more often. So if the Rams opt to multiply picks by taking more picks of lesser value the next 15 or so prospects may be ideally positioned to hear their names called by the Rams:

14  Bralen Trice, Edge, Washington

I would not be the least bit surprised to find the LA Rams selecting multiple edge rushers in the 2023 NFL Draft. Not only did the team run the position razor thin over the past two seasons, but the edge position in this draft class is already being lauded as one of the most talented and deepest in quite some time. 6-foot-4 269-pound Washington edge rusher Bralen Trice is one of the second-tier candidates who does not show much dropoff from the best-projected edge rushers in this class.

Raw? Yes. He has only two years of collegiate football on his resume. But he possesses incredible power, flexibility, and speed necessary to turn some heads. He has the ability to drop into pass coverage and manages that well enough. But he has the right skillsets that, if coached up correctly, could prove to be a dominant quarterback threat throughout his career.

15  Garrett Williams, Cornerback, Syracuse

What about the LA Rams’ secondary? It’s hard to prioritize defensive backs in this draft, particularly after the Rams drafted four DBs in 2022. But 6-foot-0 189-pound Syracuse cornerback Garrett Williams could be talented enough to lure the Rams into calling out his name. On his surface, he is not particularly impressive in either his ability to backpedal or his track speed. But his ability to play the football, break up passes, and time his jumps to reach his apex as the ball arrives, are phenomenal.

Williams is quite adept as quickly changing direction, a must for NFL DBs. He plays the position with confidence and has the ability to shake off a bad play to make a tremendous defensive play on the next snap. While standing 6-foot-0, he seems to play larger, a bigger version of former LA Rams DB Darious Williams.

16  Jacob Cowing, Wide Receiver, Arizona

The fact is that no matter how hard I try, I cannot convince myself that the LA Rams will emerge from Day 2 without adding a wide receiver. And so, a bit of an undervalued WR from the nearby school of Arizona finds his way onto the LA Rams Big Board. This 5-foot-11 175-pound wide receiver named Jacob Cowing is only beginning to get noticed, and many draft profiles have him among Day 3 prospects. But don’t let that fool you.

If the Rams can get WR Tutu Atwell unleashed before the end of the 2022 NFL season, Jacob Cowing is a bigger and sturdier version who makes the ideal alternative to the Rams’ offense that needs a bigger receiver to take the lid off defensive secondaries. He is a pure vertical threat, a receiver whose speed is often underestimated to the quarterback’s delight. He is a willing blocker but needs to add a bit of muscle mass to develop his full NFL potential in that area. Cowing can run the 40-yard dash in 4.40 seconds. His stock will skyrocket after the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine numbers are posted.