LA Rams Draft: Top 50 Rams Big Board for 2023 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft Grayson McCall
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2023 NFL Draft Big Board: 17-21 features Grayson McCall, Ryan Hayes, Tyler Steen

17  Grayson McCall, Quarterback, Coastal Carolina

Is this the year when the LA Rams draft a quarterback? If so, then keep 6-foot-3 215-pound Coastal Carolina quarterback Grayson McCall on your radar. He would be an ideal quarterback for the LA Rams offense this season. He gets the ball out quickly, has the ability to scramble and run for positive yards, sprays the ball everywhere, and can zip the ball 20 yards from the line of scrimmage with pinpoint accuracy.  He is not going to be the guy who wins games consistently with Hail Mary bombs, but he is awfully good at negating turnovers.  He is very accurate, and with the Rams’ complement of receivers who optimize YAC, he could be an ideal successor for the Rams after veteran Matthew Stafford.

18  Ryan Hayes, Offensive Tackle, Michigan

When I begin to look for solid offensive linemen, I typically begin to scan the rosters of Utah, and any Big Ten university. 6-foot-7 305-pound Michigan offensive tackle Ryan Hayes continues that trend of outstanding offensive linemen emerging from Big Ten competition.  Because he has such a huge height, he has the complement of long arms that are vital for the success of NFL blindside blockers. And better yet, Hayes has the oft-sought mean streak that is necessary to win consistently on the line of scrimmage. But because of his height, he needs to improve his balance/center of gravity. That means playing with a wider bass in pass protection, and ensuring that he keeps his feet sliding laterally. He has all the makings of an outstanding run blocker. But he will need to refine his pass blocking in training camp to be a Day 1 starter.

19 Tyler Steen, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The options for a viable starting left tackle include the 6-foot-5 315-pound Alabama offensive tackle, Tyler Steen. A powerful offensive lineman, Tyler Steen is already capable of setting into his pass-blocking stance and absorbing powerful bull rushes.  He has excellent hands, delivering powerful rocks into the defender to keep him off balance. On run blocking, he willingly engages his primary defender, then willingly moves downfield to block secondary defenders as well. Because he is eager to initiate contact, he can ignore the need to remain balanced. That could result in lunging or becoming off-balance, both scenarios limit his effectiveness downfield.

20  Isheem Young, Safety, Ole Miss

The LA Rams could be in the market for a solid safety in the 2023 NFL Draft, and they could follow that to the doorstep of 5-foot-10 215-pound safety out of Ole Miss, Isheem Young. Young is a defensive back who lives to be physical in run support. In pass coverage, he is optimally suited in Cover-2 schemes (like the Rams use) to keep the action in front of him where he can see the play develop in front of him and make a play on the football. He has adequate speed and can close on the play when he tracks the football in the air. If he makes contact with the runner or receiver, they will remember that hit.

21  Habbakuk Baldonado, EDGE, Pittsburgh

Another edge rusher who deserves consideration late in Round 3 or early in Round 4 is a 6-foot-5 260-pound Edge rusher out of Pittsburgh named Habbakuk Baldonado. Hailing from All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald’s alma mater, Baldonado has the wingspan and athleticism to drop into pass coverage out of the gate. But the Rams call out his name in the 2023 NFL Draft to get those long meat hooks working against opposing quarterbacks. Baldonado has a knack for anticipating the snap count, allowing him to beat offensive linemen to the edge and close in on the passer. But he is not all ears pinned back in his methods, as he can set a solid edge to turn running plays inside as well. Born in Rome, Italy, he would immediately find a friendly face in OL Max Pircher.