LA Rams uniforms could be filled with rookies today

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Tracking the LA Rams uniforms may seem to have little to do with the outcomes of the gams in recent weeks. After all, it feels as though the Rams could be dressed up like the Marvel Comics Avengers or DC’s Justice League and still lose. But all things come to an end. Droughts eventually end with torrential rainfall. The regulations that had everyone self-quarantined for what seemed like forever over the COVID-19 outbreak eventually were relaxed.

The LA Rams may not be in the NFL Playoffs hunt, but the history and careers of some of the best Rams players in the history of the franchise were not only written during Super Bowl-winning seasons. Heroics happen in the worst of times, against the harshest of conditions, and in the face of the most adversity.

It’s so easy to cheer for players and teams that are perennial powerhouses. Right now, the LA Rams are neither. But this is the time of true NFL heroes, the players who step up with nothing to play for but the integrity of the sport itself. And so, to honor those potential heroes, we will continue to track a data detail that may seem irrelevant at the time but could become an important detail.

2020 uniform combinations

Bone / Bone   5-1
Royal / Sol       2-2
Royal / Bone   3-0
Royal / Royal   0-3
Bone / Royal   1-1
Bone / Sol       0-1

Totals             11 – 8

The LA Rams’ 2020 season’s success typically happened with the unsightly Bone uniforms. While fans did not embrace the off-white tint, the Rams’ success did. The Rams were a surprising 9-3 when wearing Bone White. So, by default, the team was a disappointing 2-5 when the team did not wear Bone White.

2021 uniform combinations

White / Sol       2-1
Bone / Royal    2-1
Bone / Bone     3-0
Royal / Royal    0-1
Royal / Sol         4-0
Royal / Bone     3-1
Bone / Sol          2-0
White / Royal    0-1

Totals                 16 – 5

Bone White was the talk of the town in the 2021 season as well, as the Rams rolled to a 7-1 record in Bone White jerseys, and to a 10-2 record when the Rams played in Bone White. That meant that the team was just 6-3 in all other color combinations.

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2022 Rams Uniform Tracker

Now for the 2022 uniforms. At Week 9, how have the LA Rams performed so far?

  • Week       Opponent           Jersey       Pants    Outcome
  1.      1             Bills                    White        Sol          L  10-31
  2.      2             Falcons              Bone         Sol          W 31-27
  3.      3             at Cardinals      Bone         Royal     W 20-12
  4.      4             at 49ers            White        Royal     L  24-9
  5.      5             Cowboys           White        Sol         L  22-10
  6.      6             Panthers           Royal         Sol         W  24-10
  7.      7             BYE
  8.      8             49ers                 Royal         Sol         L   31-14
  9.      9             at Buccaneers Royal         Bone     L  16 – 13
  10.   10             Cardinals           Royal         Bone     L   27 – 17
  11.   11             at Saints            White        Sol         L   27 – 20
  12.   12             at Chiefs            White        Sol          L  26 – 10
  13.   13             Seahawks         Royal         Bone      ???
  14.   14             Raiders              Royal
  15.   15             at Packers         White
  16.   16             Broncos             Royal
  17.   17             at Chargers       White
  18.   18             at Seahawks     White

Yes, the same pattern appears. In a season in which the LA Rams are just 3-8 after 10 games, the Rams are 2-0 in Bone White jerseys.  That means that the team is just 1-8 in other colored jerseys.  Of course, Bone pants are not carrying much success this season, as the team is only 0-2 in Bone White pants.

The Rams are 15-4 in Bone White jerseys since 2020. In over jerseys of various colors, the Rams are just 15-17. Does any of this matter? Perhaps and perhaps not. Are you superstitious? Do you wear a specific jersey on game day to try to persuade Karma to grant the team a win? Do you believe that the outcome of the game depends on what you eat, where you watch the game, or even what time the game is played? There are all forms of superstitions embedded in cheering for your favorite NFL team.

The LA Rams may not be playoff bound, but this is when the NFL careers of many future Rams star players begin.

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