Some LA Rams offensive line notes from their Week 13 performance

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams competed in their 12th game of the 2022 NFL season with their 12th version of a starting five offensive line, which with the way this year has gone so far. So many fans just want the Rams to toss the bunch, without any interest as to the cause of the offensive line calamity. It’s not the players, but the constant revision of trying to play alongside new offensive linemen each week that has caused so much struggle for the Rams’ offense this season.

So who started for the Rams in Week 13? To be honest, this was a pretty solid group, sending out three of the Rams’ five original five starting offensive linemen. The chaos is now so common that fans have become numb to the fact that no offense can succeed in the of not knowing who will even be healthy to suit up for the game and at what position.

So who played in Week 13?

One offensive lineman’s name who was not listed was a bit surprising. What of Rams versatile offensive lineman, Bobby Evans?

The Rams had versatile backup offensive tackle Bobby Evans as a healthy scratch. That was a bit surprising, but perhaps it was for the best. Bobby Evans is a backup offensive tackle and has even put up some respectable showings as an offensive tackle. But he is not an interior offensive lineman, a role that the Rams coaching staff insists on forcing him to play this season. At least with him on the inactive list, the Rams could not compel him to step into an offensive guard role this week.

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Rams OL surprisingly positive performance

Okay, most importantly, how did the LA Rams perform today? Well, for starters, the Rams’ offensive line blocked well enough for the Rams to run 33 times for 171 yards and two rushing touchdowns.  Backup quarterback John Wolford, without WRs Cooper Kupp or Allen Robinson, completed 14 of 26 passes for 148 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. But what of the Rams’ offensive tackles?

Ultimately, the Rams proved that despite the makeshift offensive line, this team can run. Perhaps more importantly, the Rams were in the game until the very end, despite being very outmanned and outgunned.

A team that has starters who were not even on this Rams roster on opening day cannot be overlooked as nearly winning this one. Even as the Rams’ losses continue to pile up, the outcry to start completely over on the offensive line is not a wise course of action. The Rams are proving that many of the challenges this year had elements of their own making. Tutu Atwell can play wide receiver in the NFL. Michael Hoecht can flourish as an NFL outside linebacker.

Many of the LA Rams’ offensive linemen can contribute to a Top-10 NFL offensive line. They simply need the chance to play on the same offensive line group week after week. And they need the Rams coaching staff to do a far better job of assessing who is the best starting five to send onto the football field.

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