I love what the LA Rams are doing with just arrived QB Baker Mayfield

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The LA Rams just added a new quarterback, and there are plenty of reasons to embrace both the enthusiasm and optimism that comes with any new hurler who was once the top pick in any NFL draft, particularly one that was within the past five seasons. As far as the nay-sayers? Tune them out. The fact is that failing to become an All-Pro has more to do with the fit in an NFL team’s respective system than the talent of an individual player.

Take former All-Pro offensive guard Evan Matthis, who played six seasons in anonymity in the NFL as a rotation offensive lineman before scoring the right offensive blocking scheme with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. Two years later? He was the talk of the NFL and was voted both to the Pro Bowl and as the First Team AP All-Pro. Countless articles about him cited that he was washed up. No apologies were issued after he earned his place among the NFL elite.

There are many reasons for the LA Rams to take a shot at claiming former 2018 NFL Draft top-pick Baker Mayfield. But here is one reason I’m willing to bet that few if any, other sites will mention, or even think of until they read this article. Do you want to know what it is?

Ooh, the plot thickens

Basic, fundamental, marketing. There is almost no suspense or drama about these LA Rams. Success has become commonplace, winning games had become no longer exciting. In many ways, the Rams had fallen victim to their own winning ways, The number of injuries to the Rams’ roster has all but eliminated any reason for the Rams fans to get excited about this team.

Six-game losing streaks will do that to you.

So what can the Rams do? Well, planned or not, the Rams have stumbled into an ideal method of igniting both intrigue and suspense into games that, by rights, have neither. Right now, the LA Rams have created an intriguing plot for their Thursday Night Football Game against the Las Vegas Raiders over a game-time decision of which quarterback will the team start. Yes, that’s right. The guy who just got off the plane hours earlier could be under center for the Rams.

I, for one, and all for it.

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This is a fun and enthusiastic development for a 3-9 NFL team facing a 5-7 NFL team. You have to love how this one is playing out, don’t you?