I love what the LA Rams are doing with just arrived QB Baker Mayfield

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Now add the intrigue

This is an inspired move for the Rams organization. Simply by claiming a defrocked NFL quarterback, the Rams have converted this team from Goliath to David. And who doesn’t love an underdog nowadays?

Clearly, the LA Rams fans do. Yes, the Rams picked up a quarterback and find themselves on the hook for his remaining $1.3+ million salary cap. But there are solid business reasons for doing so. Just check out the latest jersey sales data. How long before the Rams have recovered their investment into Baker Mayfield by apparel sales? At this pace, not long

Baker Mayfield holds the NFL Shop’s top-selling jersey, eh? Who’d have thought?

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Two chapters, one story

If you look over the NFL career of Mayfield, you will notice two distinctly different chapters. His first three seasons with the Cleveland Browns were that of a young and promising NFL quarterback who fought through the chaos of playing for four different NFL head coaches in three seasons.

Keep in mind, Mayfield was still on his rookie contract, and not only had to learn how to play in the NFL but had to relearn four different offensive philosophies. His production waned in 2021, partly due to the Browns’ front office adding ill-suited weapons for Mayfield’s style of play.

In 2022, Mayfield was traded to the Carolina Panthers and struggled to assemble any semblance of mastery of their starting quarterback role.