I love what the LA Rams are doing with just arrived QB Baker Mayfield

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Now add the marketing

So what can the LA Rams expect for their starting quarterback for TNF? Well, the team is clearly playing this entire scenario very coyly. And why not? This is fun again folks, which is exactly the approach I had hoped the Rams might take with the rest of this season. The team had both Baker Mayfield and Bryce Perkins warming up in pregame snaps.

The Rams have handled a quarterback problem in the best possible way possible. Not only has the team shut down starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, but the backup quarterback John Wolford is fighting through his own injuries. That brings the Thursday Night Football starting quarterback role down to either backup quarterback Bryce Perkins, or the newly acquired quarterback Baker Mayfield

And the answer is?

Here comes the LA Baker

Did the LA Rams give their starting quarterback role question their answer on social media? It certainly looks that way, doesn’t it?

Will Baker Mayfield be able to compete? I think so. The LA Rams have no clue what Baker Mayfield can do, so how can the Las Vegas Raiders possibly have a clue? And if the Rams exhaust the playbook that Mayfield has mastered, the team can sub in Bryce Perkins to give the Raiders something else to defend.

If Mayfield struggles, well, he just arrived. If he plays well? Just imagine.  What will the market be for a free-agent quarterback who can learn an NFL playbook in 48 hours? Will some QB-hungry team sign him? I’m willing to estimate that a contact that may result in an awarded fifth-round compensatory 2024 NFL Draft pick is at play right now (if not better).

Are you having fun yet? I am. And regardless of whether the LA Rams win or lose in this game, one thing is certain. LA Rams football is certainly fun again.

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