Mayfield Miracle on Stadium Drive. LA Rams comeback instant classic

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

A comeback classic

The value of sticking with a poorly performing team and enjoying the players who show up in a big way cannot be overstated. Did you have any belief in this team? Even as I tried to rally fans to appreciate the effort of this team, the Schleprock wowsy-wowsy-woo-woo pushback from the despair of fans who had given up was impossible to change.

But this was a different effort by the Rams. The guy under center in this game, Baker Mayfield, may be new to this team, but he hasn’t been blessed with much success in his short NFL career. Despite being a top draft pick, Baker Mayfield has struggled to lead his team to success.

But he showed no hesitation in doing so in this one.

A win? Yes, a miraculous win

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No hesitation

Mayfield didn’t hesitate to make the throws when Rams head coach Sean McVay dialed up more and more passes. In fact, Mayfield carried the aura of an NFL power back, and his throws seemed to get strong and more accurate as the game progressed.

Mayfield completed passes to six different Rams receivers in this one. He also completed passes to three different running backs.

Baker Mayfield showed maturity and complete composure in this offense, something that I suspected would happen. Rams head coach Sean McVay was able to get the former top-pick quarterback, Jared Goff, to the Super Bowl. He was successful in getting former top-pick quarterback Matthew Stafford his first and only Super Bowl victory. Now? He has a new former top-pick quarterback, Baker Mayfield, to work with.

Something special could be coming your way with this combination as well.