Mayfield Miracle on Stadium Drive. LA Rams comeback instant classic

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Return on investment

This was the type of game that the LA Rams organization and fans desperately needed. Not only is this a win out of nowhere, but the implications are far more significant. At best, the LA Rams have a top-pick quarterback who can inherit this team if and when veteran QB Matthew Stafford elects to step away from the game.

At worst, the LA Rams have converted a pocket change investment into an NFL quarterback who is now the talk of the NFL, and one whose victory in front of the entire NFL on prime-time coverage will certainly elevate his stock to the point where he becomes a coveted free agent in the offseason.

Hollywood ending

Didn’t this feel like a Hollywood movie?

The guy did not shy away from taking his shots. He threw, and that confidence in his own arm mirrored the confidence that his head coach Sean McVay had in him. But it defies all logic. The guy just got off the plane. He had a walkthrough of some 20+ plays. He learned the Rams’ two-minute offense in discussions held on the bus.

The Rams have proven to be hesitant to get new players involved in the offense too quickly, particularly those added to the team via Rams Free Agency signings.  But whether the team was compelled by his immediate grasp of this offense, or simply wanted to showcase the talent of Baker Mayfield to 31 other NFL teams, the result in the same. The entire NFL is talking about him now.