Mayfield Miracle on Stadium Drive. LA Rams comeback instant classic

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Why he fits the LA Rams

Initially, the hope was that the LA Rams could showcase Baker Mayfield in a handful of scripted plays on Thursday Night Football to stir up some interest among NFL teams. With the upcoming offseason, and the Rams all but eliminated from any postseason competition, the Rams must attempt innovative ways to generate a buzz.

I think we can all agree that this Thursday Night Football has overshot the mark a bit. But even after a jaw-dropping performance, Mayfield has retained all of his wit in the post-game presser. When asked about the game-winning TD pass to Van Jefferson:

It was clear from the comical response that the moment was not too big for Mayfield. In fact, he seemed to be right at home.

Completely competitive spirit

On the sideline and in the locker room, Baker Mayfield showed a humorous side of being a competitive maniac. He head-butted a helmeted teammate on the sidelines, and it was Robert Rochell that was sent backward. He was called out by HC Sean McVay for leading the team to a victory despite just arriving ’10 minutes ago,’ and proceeded to roar in a feral scream.

To be honest, that may be exactly what the LA Rams offense needs right now.

The leader of this offense must be willing to be that lightning rod, both to the good and to the bad, that will inevitably befall this team. Is Mayfield up to the challenge? Well, he certainly was in his first 48 hours with the team.

The Rams will reap the benefits of their mini-bye, rest up, and for one newcomer, learn the playbook a bit better. The Rams will next face the Green Bay Packers on the road. Do the Rams have a chance in that one? We have plenty of time to discuss that game.

For now, let’s savor the flavor of the Mayfield Miracle on Stadium Drive. After all, this LA Rams’ comeback is already an instant Holiday Classic of NFL lore.

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