LA Rams hype videos win multiple CLIO awards

(Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for BMI)
(Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for BMI) /

A year ago, the LA Rams were in a much different place as a team, as an organization, and even in the balance of fulfilling their destiny. But something that would stand out to me was the quality of team-sponsored videos that always seemed to arrive to make good times greater. It was a season where the Rams continued to face numerous challenges, and each new event triggered a host of NFL pundits weighing in on how and why that particular set of circumstances would derail the LA Rams’ plans at competing in Super Bowl LVI.

But the Rams had their own ammunition as well. A cleverly timed and assembled series of videos to rally the Rams fans worldwide. It began with the NFL Playoffs hype video for the LA Rams fans and organization then there was the playoff campaign: Our Story Isn’t Written Yet.

That was pretty inspiring stuff. But it was only the first video that would show up to inspire the entire LA Rams fan base. More, I say? You bet.

Then there was the LA Rams video montage introducing the Rocket Mortgage 2022 LA Rams Draft House. The Rams had rolled out a 2021 NFL Draft beach house, but this year was following a Super Bowl victory. So the Rams had to step up their game, and did exactly that:

Do you recall those incredible LA Rams off-season moments that built up the fans’ anticipation before the 2022 NFL Draft? You may recall them by the events that the mini-movie snippets covered.

There was the thriller On The Clock: The House Always Wins pre-draft trailer. Talk about saving the best for last, this was an action-thriller video set to the cadence of the Ocean-11 series, a Rams’ caper where the Rams would strategize and execute the perfect crime: Stealing the 2022 NFL Draft.

Each video captured the fun of the LA Rams organization, but also the high expectations, the tongue-in-cheek nature of the organization, and even the compelling storyline that had been repeated almost ad nauseum among NFL analysts and NFL news stories.

The Rams’ willingness to trade draft picks for players was unique until multiple NFL teams noticed and embraced that same strategy in the 2022 NFL offseason. But that imitation only validated the fact that the LA Rams were onto something.

The series of videos were more than entertaining. They were groundbreaking productions and were so good that they ended up winning not one, not two, but SIX Clio Sports awards.

The LA Rams were more than just another good football team last season. Thankfully, that mirth and merriment are captured in videos that remind us of just how much fun the good times can be when the Rams are winning.

Sure, the CLIOs are not a Lombardi Trophy. But thanks to the LA Rams’ success, it was never an either/or choice. And to help me remember the emotions of winning, I need only queue up the Rams videos on YOUTUBE and relive those moments over and over again.

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