LA Rams Baker Mayfield: “I’m not very happy with Van, until now.”

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

We are now into the first 100+ hours of the LA Rams’ acquisition of waived Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield. So, besides pulling off miraculous wins on Thursday Night Football, what else are we learning about the Rams’ new quarterback? Well, for starters, he is a pretty fast thinker on his feet and has the memory of a steel trap.

Some would try to diminish what happened on Thursday Night Football as just one game. But if your focus is entirely on what doesn’t go well, you quickly have a glum and boorish perspective. Life comes with highs and lows. The problem is that there is no legend that tells up that a high is happening when it does. Well, that Thursday Night Football game was absolutely a high. Perhaps one that will rival many LA Rams historical achievements for years to come.

“I’m not very happy with (WR) Van (Jefferson), until now.”

But that was not what Baker Mayfield wanted to discuss at the post-game press conference podium. In fact, it was a personal story that reflected just how much respect he holds for his new teammate, wide receiver Van Jefferson.

The tale was a humorous story about how then Oklahoma Sooners QB Baker Mayfield was trying to recruit a hot wide receiver Van Jefferson, a receiver prospect to play on the Sooners’ offense. But Van Jefferson did not answer or return those calls.  Now, years later, the two connected for a game-winning touchdown, the first game-winning reception in Jefferson’s entire football-playing career.

Both players are at significantly different places in their football careers today than they were when they were competing in NCAA football. But that touchdown pass and catch is a great way to build a bond that lasts a lifetime. It’s one for the record books. It’s the best play I have seen on Amazon’s Prime Thursday Night Football coverage.

In the end, the spectacular play was between a quarterback who never competed together at the NCAA level, and that was something that did not make Baker Mayfield very happy with WR Van Jefferson.

But now having seen what happens when these two compete on the same team? It’s all beginning to make sense.

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