LA Rams remaining schedule is no picnic, but not impossible, to win with

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At 4-9, the best these LA Rams can do is try to win out for an 8-9 finish. The burning question is: Why would this team want to do that? Well, unlike other NFL teams that are struggling right now, the LA Rams are not exactly incentivized to perform poorly. Sure, they have a couple of Day 2 draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft that could appreciate in value with a bad finish to a bad season.

But a team that truly benefits is the Detroit Lions, a team that sits on their first-round pick. That’s where the true value lies, and the Rams will see none of it, win or lose.  Still, why would this team want to win after losing nine games?

Well, because that is what competitors do, after all, isn’t it? This team would love nothing better than to send out their young players who have, until now, been untested, and discover that they are truly capable of playing and winning in the NFL.  So who do the LA Rams have to face who is remaining on their schedule?

The LA Rams are not a playoff team. But this team can build significant positive momentum for next season, just as the team’s December 2019 season set up a playoff appearance for the 2020 NFL season.

The LA Rams are still worth watching

But that is not to say that this team is not worth watching. Quite the opposite, in fact. The LA Rams have played some of their most competitive and entertaining football of the season since the team has begun to give meaningful snaps to younger players who have until now, remained idle on the bench.

Isn’t it thrilling to witness Michael Hoecht getting a quarterback sack? And despite the lukewarm reception, who doesn’t cheer for WR Tutu Atwell making another catch for a first down? At the core, both supporters and detractors are secretly cheering and hoping that everyone on the LA Rams roster proves their worth. Now the only question that remains is will they have an opportunity to do so? To answer that, we need to examine who the Rams will face in what remains on their schedule.

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We can do a quick breakdown of the remaining four games on the LA Rams schedule: