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January games

As the LA Rams enter the month of January 2023, this team has been eliminated from the NFL Playoffs, but the Rams could be on the crest of a winning streak. That’s quite important for a team seeking to rebound quickly next season.

At LA Chargers (7-6)

I like the LA Chargers head coach Brandon Staley, but even I had to question that instant acceleration of his career from positional coach to LA Rams defensive coordinator for one season to head coach for his very next season. Right now, there is a bit of unrest with the Chargers, a team many expected to take a strong step forward this season.

Unfortunately, the Chargers were 8-5 at this point last season and could be viewed as a team that not only failed to step forward, but regressed this season. That is a harsh reality for Coach Staley, a head coach who was the talk of the town just one season ago, but now faces an increasing volume of fan unrest and questions as to whether he will have a chance to step forward next season.

The Chargers could be hard-pressed by the time they play the Rams. While they should be able to defeat the Indianapolis Colts, they will be tested by the ever-tough Tennessee Titans. At 8-7, they will be fighting for their playoff lives in this one. Trap game? I think so. The Rams know Staley very well, and Rams head coach Sean McVay loves to put his friends to the test. The LA Rams have nothing to lose in this one, so I don’t think that they do.

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Season finale

The LA Rams travel to play at Seattle Seahawks (7-6) to conclude the 2022 NFL season. Will the Seahawks need to win this one to have a chance at competing in the NFL Playoffs? I can’t see it. The Seahawks must play, and defeat, the San Francisco 49ers (9-4), the Kansas City Chiefs (10-3), and the New York Jets (7-6) before they face the Rams. They could enter this game with a four-game losing streak.

But don’t feel bad for the Seattle Seahawks. They truly pulled off one helluva heist when they traded away veteran QB Russell Wilson for a king’s ransom. And in the process, have gotten a new lease on life in the NFL, suddenly finding themselves competing for a playoff spot just one year after all the NFL experts, analysts, pundits, and even NFL insiders had all but left them for dead.

The Seahawks were happy to extend the LA Rams’ losing streak at SoFi Stadium. I can see the LA Rams returning the favor, and in the process winning a game that completes their 2022 NFL season turnaround.  By this time, the Rams will have a fully functional offense that will unload both barrels to ensure that they can, and the downtrodden Seattle Seahawks will find themselves caught in the crosshairs:

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Can the LA Rams win out with a five-game winning streak to close out their disappointing 2022 NFL season? I think so, yes. The roster has been waiting to rally around someone, and the new head-butting quarterback on the LA Rams roster is just the guy to bring the fire back to a very talented roster.

A pipe-dream? Perhaps. But these LA Rams just did the impossible, winning a sure loss behind the two-touchdown clutch performance of a quarterback who was on the Rams roster for less than 48 hours. In short, after the Mayfield Miracle, anything seems possible for this team.

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