LA Rams 2023 Mock Draft featuring 3 blue chip OL prospects

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LA Rams Draft Ali Gaye
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Round 7: Pick 254 (Projected Comp Pick)

I have watched and loved Edge Ali Gaye for the past several years Unfortunately when the LA Rams step up to the podium, all 50 prospects are gone. So it’s time to improvise. I must admit that I was a bit shocked to see that he was still on the board, so I was more than happy to call out his simulated name on the Rams’ behalf. So what does he bring to the table?

The LSU Edge rusher stands 6-foot-6 and weighs 265 pounds. While I project his role with the LA Rams as an outside linebacker, he could also take on the role of a 3-4 down lineman. That versatility is important indeed, as we’ve already seen how effective converting a defensive lineman into an outside linebacker can be this season with Michael Hoecht.

Gaye becomes the third edge rusher for the LA Rams of this draft, and why not? This is an incredibly talented and deep draft class, and Gaye has enough talent to compete for playing time in a rotational role in his rookie season. If all things go well, he could even emerge as a starter at some point in the season.

Stockpiling OLB talent does more for this team than just adding a pass rusher. The Rams will need to ensure that they have the right players to contain mobile quarterbacks, stop the run, and even swell the ranks of special teams units.

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10 draft picks yields:

Three blue-chip offensive linemen
Three outside linebackers
Two Running backs
Two defensive backs

Not a bad haul for a draft, eh? Positions that did not pan out in this draft were: DL, TE, QB, WR, or DB depth. But for the first mock, it feels like a pretty good draft class.

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