LA Rams 2023 Mock Draft featuring 3 blue chip OL prospects

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LA Rams Draft Deuce Vaughn
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Round 6: Pick 185 (via GB Packers)

There are many reasons for the Rams not to select Kansas State running back, Deuce Vaughn with a Round 6 pick. But there is one reason why they do. He is that good, and that overrules everything else. Good at what exactly? Well, you learn the answer to that question simply by placing a football into his hands.

Standing 5-foot-6 and weighing 176 pounds is not a great starting point to becoming an outstanding blocker or powerful ball carrier in the NFL.  But Vaughn works around those obvious physical limitations with uncanny speed, the ability to pivot and redirect his trajectory almost instantly, and the ability to get small enough to hide in the shadows of his blockers.

But he truly shines when he is part of the passing game, as he is every bit as good as a receiver. That makes him an incredibly versatile offensive weapon, a bit like a 49ers WR/RB Deebo Samuel mini-me. And as long as the LA Rams are comfortable designing plays for a player with that versatility, I’m all for it.

Historically, the Rams draft significantly talented young offensive weapons and then do nothing with them. TE Brycen Hopkins, TE/WR Jacob Harris, and until the past several games, WR Tutu Atwell have done nothing but gather dust on the Rams bench. A powerfully versatile offensive weapon like Deuce Vaughn is only a positive addition as long as the coaching staff has a clear plan in place and a strong commitment to get him involved and keep him involved in the offense.