Chilling message to Rams fans via Packers’ Dairyland Express Paul Bretl

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Does Lambeau have a home-field advantage this year?

Ramblin’ Fan: The LA Rams have had a streak of visiting Lambeau for a few years now. How well are the Packers playing at home this season? What must the Packers do to ensure a win this week?

Dairyland Express Paul Bretl: Due to their overall inconsistency and, at times, flat-out poor play, playing at Lambeau Field hasn’t been a huge advantage for the Packers so far, with a 3-3 record. However, the weather has very much turned here in Green Bay, with the temperature for Monday Night’s game being in the 12-15 degree range.

For the offense, this is an interesting matchup. As offensive coordinator, Adam Stenavich recently pointed out, overall success on offense for the Packers begins with a strong run game to lean on. But as you know, the Rams run defense has been quite stout this year, although Aaron Donald’s status will certainly have a major impact on this game either way. On the other hand, if there’s a part of this Rams’ defense that the Packers may want to exploit, it’s the secondary. However, when Green Bay has had to rely heavily on their passing game this season, they haven’t fared well. So you can see the predicament here. Not that I ever expect a 50/50 run-pass split with Aaron Rodgers under center, but a balanced attack with some success on the ground will go a long way for this offense. That, paired with Watson’s home run ability, can be a real stressor for defenses.

When it comes to the Packers’ defense, the strategy feels much simpler–don’t give up big plays. Force Baker Mayfield and the Rams offense to put together 12-plus play-scoring drives.

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Ramblin’ Fan: The LA Rams have already reportedly lost two positional coaches, both from the underperforming offensive side of the football. Are the Packers at risk of making any coaching changes in the off-season? If not by choice, which coaches may be pried away to promotion by another football team, pros or college?

Dairyland Express Paul Bretl: I don’t see any coordinators being pried away, but many are under the assumption that defensive coordinator Joe Barry will be let go after the season. The expectations for this Packers defense were sky-high before the season, but they have underwhelmed in a big way. When those two things — expectations and the actual performance — are that far apart, changes have to be made. I also think this extends beyond Barry to the defensive position coaches as well. From Barry to his coaching staff to the players, there has been a major disconnect this season.

Away from Green Bay, it will be interesting to see what happens with Nathanial Hackett, who many expect to be fired in Denver. Prior to his head coaching role, he had a successful stint in Green Bay as the offensive coordinator. Does Matt LaFleur try to bring him back in that same role? If so, does Adam Stenavich go back to coaching the offensive line? Will Hackett be brought back in a different capacity to keep Stenavich as the offensive coordinator? Or does Hackett end up elsewhere?