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Predicting the final score

Of course, all of this information is intriguing, and perhaps adds additional layers of enjoyment for any LA Rams fans who may or may not be making the trek to withstand the elements in the quest to support the team. But all else aside, the biggest question is the final score. If the LA Rams lose, they are officially eliminated from any NFL Playoff picture. If the Rams win, then they cling to the slimmest of chances of competing in the postseason. So let’s ask that final question that everyone wants to know the answer to:

The final score prediction:

Ramblin’ Fan: Bonus question: What is your prediction, and could you please include a brief game summary as well:

Dairyland Express Paul Bretl:

The Packers’ offense has been playing some of its best football as of late, scoring at least 28 points in three of their last four outings. As already discussed, the Rams’ defense presents an interesting matchup for the Packers.

But between the run game, improved play from the offensive line, Watson, and the return of Romeo Doubs, I believe they will be able to find enough success moving the ball–especially if Aaron Donald doesn’t play. On defense, as I said, limit the big plays. In addition to everything mentioned, Green Bay is the healthiest that they’ve been in a while coming off their bye week, and they are playing at home in the cold.

Prediction. 17. 51. 24. 49

Summing it all up

The LA Rams and the Green Bay Packers are shells of their former selves. One year ago, both teams would win their respective divisions and would compete in the NFL Playoffs. This year? Neither is likely to earn a berth in the NFL Playoffs and must work hard to avoid tumbling to last place in their divisions.

The Packers enter this game knowing what they must do, knowing what a cold game feels like, and knowing everyone on the roster and what the responsibility of each player is. The LA Rams are the antithesis of certainty in this one. The Rams have no consistency, have no clue what playing in sub-freezing conditions will be like, and are still making introductions among players and players with coaches.

So what can you expect from the LA Rams on Monday Night Football against the Green Bay Packers? An entertaining game.

In the end, and at a record of 4-9, that is all you can truly hope for, isn’t it?

Thanks again to Dairyland Express and Paul Bretl, whose aid was vital to compiling this article. And if you want to check out Ramblin Fans’ responses to their questions, I recommend you give Dairyland an occasional check to see how we responded.

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