LA Rams Rumors: Does Sean Payton to coach Rams make any sense?

Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams are not immune to rumors. But right now, the latest rumors are simply too bizarre to ignore. Why? They are just baffling to be pure fiction, that’s why. What is so bizarre about the latest Rams rumors? Well, the rumors do not involve a trade, a player, or even another NFL team. The rumor is simply this:

The former New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Payton, who had just retired at the end of the 2021 NFL season, now has a change of heart and would like to return to head coaching in the NFL. His two teams of choice? Either the LA Chargers or the LA Rams.

The first problem is obvious. Both Los Angeles, CA football teams have a head coach under contract. The Chargers are led by HC Brandon Staley. And, of course, the LA Rams are led by HC Sean McVay.  This brings us to the second obvious problem. Despite retiring, Sean Payton is contracted with the New Orleans Saints through the 2024 NFL season.

Problems derail this Rams’ rumor before it gains steam

And yet, despite the clear and unavoidable problems, the rumors have grown to a point where even Sports Illustrated is now addressing the matter:

Their report has been based on NFL Insider’s Ian Rapoport report in which Payton is now living in Los Angeles, and would be very interested in coaching for either the Rams or Chargers if either job would become available:

What is the truth of the story? The problem is primarily the fact that the Rams do not have nor are projected to harbor an opening at their head coaching position for some time, having just extended HC Sean McVay’s contract. And the Chargers are still in the hunt for an NFL Playoff berth under second-year HC Staley.

As far as Rams rumors go, this one is all smoke I’m afraid. Even if the LA Rams would lose HC Sean McVay to retirement, the team has no interest in trading for the rights to hire Sean Payton as their next head coach.

You may hear more about the matter throughout the off-season, as the coaching carousel starts in a month’s time. But Payton to the Rams? I wouldn’t put any money on that one coming to pass.

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