Just sit back and enjoy the latest LA Rams plot twists

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Depending upon who you ask, the LA Rams 2022 NFL season was ‘lost,’ as early as Week 6 or thereafter.  At that point in the season, the LA Rams (3-3) were still at .500, were heading into an early BYE week, but were already showing significant struggles on an offense that could only score nine, ten, and ten points in three losses respectively.

So much for Run It Back, and a host of other catch-phrases tossed out to prolong the LA Rams fans’ euphoria over winning their first Super Bowl for the city of Los Angeles, California, throughout the offseason.  But it all came crashing down around the team this season, to a fan base that has not had to cheer for a sub-.500 team for the past five seasons under head coach Sean McVay.

Not a shabby track record, folks

Two Super Bowl appearances, and one Super Bowl victory, in five years, is a significant run for any NFL team’s 20-year history. But these LA Rams packed that all into a five-season NFL success-fest that has skewed the healthy perspective of a fan base to enjoy the team’s success to an unhealthy demand for wins even when multiple starting players are falling to new injuries each week.

After a five-year bull market by the LA Rams, the sudden and unmistakable bear market of injuries, losses, and the inability to diagnose, comprehend and counter the forces driving this team to a new loss after each loss was a painful reminder.

It showed both the Rams organization and the fan base that winning is not as easy as simply showing up, dialing up the same plays, and expecting the fourth string to deliver exactly the same punch, timing, and synchronization on the football field as the first string.