Just sit back and enjoy the latest LA Rams plot twists

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Murphy’s law caught up to the Rams’ roster this season

The Rams had run their team on the presumption that starters would remain healthy, and that their roster did not need to duplicate talent levels or skill sets. Rather, the team could cheat at offensive line, tight ends, running backs, backup quarterbacks, and even outside linebacker positions, because this team wanted to ensure that all of the young and promising talented players at defensive back and wide receiver would remain on the roster.

And they remained safely tucked away on the bench, for that rainy day in a year or two when contract negotiations might fail and the team would find it necessary to activate younger and cheaper options on the Rams roster to vacated snaps by departing free agent veterans.

Too much analysis, not enough fun?

In a lost season, and against unrelenting adversity, the LA Rams have an unexpected plot twist.  Did you see this coming? If not, you are not alone. Nobody could have predicted the sudden and dramatic turn of fortunes for this LA Rams team.

Even as the LA Rams have been in virtual free-fall this season due to epic numbers of injuries to this LA Rams roster, it’s been hard to remain positive through it all. If you dared to stay upbeat and share the voice of reason that it’s a temporary matter, you risked getting waves of pushback from fans who insist this is the price that the LA Rams must pay for having dared to risk it all for their Super Bowl LVI win.

But what is it about that NFL Championship team that has truly changed? Last season, the Rams had a number of players on the roster who kept laughing through it all. Von Miller, in addition to being a dominating pass rusher on the field, was a pure jokester who loved to laugh at life. Odell Beckham Jr., having just gone through NFL hell, was ecstatic to compete alongside his Rams teammates.

It’s not their production that these Rams have sorely missed. Rather, it’s their locker room presence, calming the nervous rookies and second-year players, reminding everyone that it’s just a game.