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Have fun, and success will follow

Even if you tried to surround yourself with the logic of history, looking back to an almost identical demise when the Rams offensive line was battered in 2019 but rebounded in 2020, you frequently stood alone.  You see, even in 2019, the LA Rams could still count on a healthy quarterback, Jared Goff, to line up under center.  In 2022, that is not the case.

LA Rams veteran starting quarterback Matthew Stafford has not been handled with care this year. His 29 quarterback sacks after just nine games are only one shy of his 17-game total of 30 quarterback sacks from a year ago. And the pace at which he was dropped like a sack of flour was such that he was on track to have been sacked the most times in his career.

Screw this, let’s just go out and have some fun

Making matters worse, the LA Rams opted to make a strategic decision that would change the direction of the team. In building their roster in recent years, the Rams have relied on proven veterans over younger players. Suddenly, that strategy changed, and the Rams unleashed the young talented players from the bench onto the playing field.

But it was not just an offensive miracle. It was a spark of screw-this attitude that infected the entire roster. And it was long overdue. Why? Because the team had become so paralyzed about trying to avoid doing the wrong thing that the Rams roster forgot to have fun at playing the sport that they love. And when the team remembered that, everyone began to have fun again.

Yes, the LA Rams have a remote chance remaining of earning a playoff berth with a record of 8-9. But win or lose, I would rather see this Rams roster, packed with talented players, have fun playing the sport they all love. If that brings success, all the better.

But seeing these guys smile? I would not trade that this season. Those smiles have come far too infrequently.

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