At least the LA Rams have 1 quarterback returning for 2023

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

The health risks of playing at the NFL quarterback position are serious stuff, and to the spouse who suddenly has to face those risks with her husband, those risks can appear too great. So it is with no shame or wonder that LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford‘s injuries in 2022 brought about an emotional response from his wife, Kelly.

Nor is it any wonder that those who followed the significance of her recent comments interpreted their meaning as suggesting that her husband may be contemplating retirement. Well, that was addressed recently on Kelly Stafford’s podcast: The Morning After With Kelly Stafford:

A direct answer without hesitation followed when Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford was asked by his wife if he is retiring, Matthew Stafford’s response was: “No. No.

That’s a good thing because if you look at the LA Rams’ current quarterback situation, Matthew Stafford is the lone quarterback currently under contract to play for the LA Rams in 2023. It’s also a good thing because, if you look at the trade package sent from the Rams to the Detroit Lions, the deal included the 2023 NFL Draft first-round pick.

A pick that is not only worth more than their own first-round pick but continues to project as falling among the Top-4 overall picks in the draft.

Okay, let’s plan for 2023

Was the news a surprise or expected? To be honest, it comes as no surprise. This is a veteran who has checked himself back into a game, suffering from a separated shoulder, to throw a game-winning touchdown pass to win a game.

Why is that significant? The LA Rams offense starts with Matthew Stafford under center. Getting him back is a huge plus. Can the offense do a better overall job for him? Yes, certainly. Can the offensive line do a better job this season? Oh goodness, we hope so. Can the LA Rams do a better job at running the football? Hopefully, the team will commit to the running game with a bit more resolve.

The LA Rams will bounce back in 2023. But that is by no means automatic. This team not only needs to heal up but return with passion and focus. The Rams’ combination of Matthew Stafford throwing to Cooper Kupp remains one of the most effective duos in the NFL, so getting Stafford back ensures that the Rams’ offense will bring that back online next season.

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