LA Rams can still work waiver wire to help offensive line

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams just learned of a season-ending injury to offensive center Brian Allen, his third injury of the season. And so, the Rams carousel for who will start at the offensive line, and who will play reserve, has started to move once more. In the end, the Rams have just lost another player (or the same player for the third time) who started the season on the offensive line. So how will the team respond?

The team could try to finish out the season ‘as is,’ and hope that no more injuries occur. That makes all of the paperwork easy, but it does have significant drawbacks. Without the team creating any roster openings by designating Brian Allen (and teammate WR Ben Skowronek) to Injured Reserve, additional injuries to the team may overwhelm this team to the point where the LA Rams simply run out of healthy players to assume active roles during the game.

But are there any players who are still worth taking a look at?

There’s always something for someone on the NFL waiver wire, and with the LA Rams running so high on the priority list, it’s almost a guarantee that if the Rams want a player, they can be reasonably certain to be awarded that player. If the contract conditions are not right, then the team can wait for that player to clear waivers, and sign them to a more team-friendly deal as a free agent.

Even as the 2022 NFL season is winding down, the Rams’ active roster boasts just eight healthy offensive linemen.  The team’s practice squad has two more, but IPP OL Max Pircher is unlikely to have his practice squad status changed.

Will the Rams claim or sign another offensive lineman? It makes sense to do so, even this late in the season. After all, it’s never too late to audition players for the 2023 NFL season, is it?

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