LA Rams IOL Oday Aboushi appeals, can face former team

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams interior offensive lineman Oday Aboushi was involved in a post-game scuffle with Denver Broncos Randy Gregory and was initially suspended for one game as a result of punches being thrown. As you can see in the video embedded in this Tweet of the incident, Gregory cold cocks Aboushi right in the face, and Aboushi merely responded in kind. That one-game suspension would have taken effect immediately, prompting the Rams and Aboushi to file a formal appeal of the suspension.

Without much fanfare, the Rams’ free agency signing of IOL Oday Aboushi has been a solid addition to the Rams roster, and it’s great news that he will be eligible to play for the team in the final two games of the season.

Aboushi is playing for his seventh NFL team in nine seasons. In that time, he played two seasons for the Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions respectively. His NFL career has included chapters with the New York Jets, the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals, the Los Angeles Chargers, and now with the LA Rams. He has seen action in six games this season and has been the starter in four of those games.

So far, he has played 339 offensive snaps, and per Pro Football Focus has been guilty of two penalties and allowed two quarterback sacks. That performance has been graded rather favorably, as his PFF grade for his performance for the LA Rams has been assessed as 65.2.  That’s pretty good for a guy who was signed as a free agent with no Rams training camp. And it’s just as good to get Aboushi eligible for the Rams’ final two games because, in all honesty, the team is about out of options in terms of substitutions at the offensive guard position.

Will Aboushi be back next season? I wouldn’t look for that to happen. But, you just never know. I suppose that the last two LA Rams games play a huge role in that outcome. Stay tuned . . .

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