Does Rams Mayfield have franchise potential? Warner breaks it down

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Have the LA Rams found a true future franchise quarterback? If so, then the team must do whatever it must to extend him. But is this simply a case of a sample size that is too much too little too late?  Former Saint Louis quarterback Kurt Warner breaks down the play of newly added LA Rams QB Baker Mayfield.

This is a great breakdown, and it comes straight out of the mouth of a Rams legendary quarterback, Kurt Warner.  Warner doesn’t just talk you through specific NFL plays run by the Rams, but he does an incredible job of whiteboarding the post-snap look to the quarterback, and then explains why it works so well for the Rams’ offense.

The bottom line is the challenge of the LA Rams coaching staff and front office assessment of Baker Mayfield’s potential in this offense. The bottom line is: Do the Rams project quarterback Baker Mayfield as a future franchise quarterback? If so, then the LA Rams should do whatever is necessary to secure him on a multi-year contract this off-season.

How do the Rams view Mayfield’s potential in this offense?

But do they see him having the ability to lead the team to a Super Bowl win someday? That’s where the analysis of Kurt Warner is ideal. Warner sets the stage time and time again, showing how the Rams’ offense has made Baker Mayfield’s life in the pocket so much easier than other offenses have in his past.

Is this a large enough sample? Perhaps not, but there is no denying that Mayfield has already made the most of his limited opportunity. And let’s keep in mind that this is a Rams offense that is without a solid offensive line, without wide receivers Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, and Ben Skowronek.

Now, I’m not saying the Rams should hand the keys to this offense over to Baker Mayfield in 2023, or even that the Rams would be smart to make it an open competition next season. But there is no denying that Rams veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford is getting a bit long in the tooth.  And there is also no denying that the Rams should give pause to allowing a promising quarterback, a former first-round selection, slipping through their fingers so easily if the coaches believe that he has what it takes.

Warner seems to be high on Baker Mayfield’s potential in the Rams’ offense. How do you view his potential? And perhaps more importantly, should the Rams try to extend him at any cost? If there is a limit, what is the ceiling for the Rams to offer Mayfield if he continues to impress? We’ll discuss that at length in the future.

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