Rams latest PS addition adds enticing option for 2023 NFL season

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Dixon is doing not so well this year

Dixon is the seventh-ranked punter in the NFL with 48.8 yards per punt after 15 games. But it does go downhill from there. After factoring in the returns, his yardage drops to the 22nd-ranking net punting yardage at 42.0 net yards per punt. That is due to the fact that Dixon kicks line drives, propelling the football to the return guy far faster than those high punts that arrive after the cover guys surround him.

Dixon has not been so egregiously bad that a mid-season change is necessary. But the harsh reality is that his style of punting, a line drive style, has outpaced the Rams’ coverage unit far too often for the Rams this year.  Let’s crack open some numbers:

Some troubling stats

That is why Dixon leads the NFL with two blocked punts this season. And as far as field position, Dixon has pinned opponents inside their own 20-yard line just 15 times, good for only 29th best in a league of 32 teams. Dixon has forced return specialists to fair catch the football (no return) just 13 times, good enough for the 22nd best in the NFL.

In sharp contrast, he has allowed punt returns 31 times, no better than the 27th-ranked punter in the league. His 322 punt return yardage is no better than 28th in the league.  So there is plenty of reason for the Rams to explore other options.

The Rams’ season was lost some time ago, so there is no reason to swap out punters this season. But it can also be said that Dixon has not exactly made it any easier for the Rams to win this year. Should the Rams go in a new direction? Well, Brock Miller gives the team the opportunity to do so.