ICYMI, 5 significant LA Rams FA adds who the team should bring back

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I suppose the saga of the LA Rams and their lack of first-round draft picks will haunt the Rams until they finally keep and use a first-round draft pick. But it’s already a stale and boorish tale.

Oh, the tragedy of the LA Rams and their disregard for those first-round draft picks. In spite of that fact, the LA Rams continue to run a three-year cycle. Year one is a playoff appearance. Year two is a Super Bowl appearance. Year three features an exhausted roster that is decimated by countless injuries, particularly the offensive line, and fails to appear in the NFL playoffs.

The LA Rams are currently in Year three of their second three-year cycle. Unfortunately, fans seem to have forgotten the routine. Just like the conclusion of the 2019 NFL season, the end of the 2022 NFL season will certainly mean a great deal of soul-searching and reformulating how to win in the NFL for the entire Rams organization.

Let’s wrap up this season

One of the facts that has been lost in the hustle and bustle and shuffle of restocking the LA Rams roster is the fact that the Rams have added a significant number of NFL veteran free agents to the team after the season had started. While some did not pan out to expectations, there have been a handful of veteran free agents who have done at least as well as expected, if not exceeding expectations.

Yes, the LA Rams are only now 5-10 and can finish this season anywhere from a 5-12 to a 7-10 record from this point going forward. But let’s pause a moment, step aside from the disappointment and frustration, and revisit a few of the Rams’ mid-season acquisitions. While none are Pro Bowlers, they had no chance to flourish in a season where the Rams were rifling through players and sending the healthiest onto the field, no matter how prepared or ready they were.

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Much like the addition of Austin Corbett and Coleman Shelton to the Rams roster in 2019, the Rams have added five veteran free agents, three of whom are playing on the LA Rams offensive line right now. Can the Rams hit paydirt again with these players? Let’s take a look and find out: