LA Rams Coach Henny’s DAWGWORK pays off with young bucks on DL

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The work of LA Rams Defensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator (Defense) Eric Henderson never ends. The front office keeps pouring new and ambitious talented young men who are not exactly household names, even to NFL fans, and he continues to churn out some of the hardest working, most productive defensive linemen in the NFL.

That’s been the case ever since the Rams hired Coach Henny from the LA Chargers. And he immediately instilled a rather innovative blue-collar mindset of embracing the grind, a philosophy that he has cleverly monikered as #DAWGWORK. We featured that philosophy in an article this year, and I encourage anyone who is sketchy over the team to check that out. It’s worth the read.

Coach Eric Henderson is so incredibly effective because he is a former NFL defensive lineman. He knows what it takes to succeed in the NFL.  There is no benefit to any NFL player from being graded on a curve. And that is certainly something that Coach Henny is not about. Rather, he will set the goals, train players exceptionally hard, and give them nothing but tough love.

Tough love? More like true passion

So why does that work? Well, former Detroit Lions veteran defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson had a great perspective on the Rams system. He came from the Detroit Lions’ defense where he was a solid if not remarkable starter. In his first season with the LA Rams, he showed up in a big way in the playoffs.

Robinson is just one example. But the transformation he underwent from becoming just another guy to a key contributor on the LA Rams defensive front is sensational, and it’s all due to the fact that he finally got to play for a coach who took the time to work both with him and for him in identifying how he could better his play.

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Coach Henderson is the type of positional coach that every hard-working defensive line prospect should seek out in the NFL. Not only does he know his stuff, but he will point out the path needed to become a true NFL player. So how is he doing for the LA Rams so far?