LA Rams face friendly faces on LA Chargers this Sunday

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Playoffs, seeding, and spoiler alert

So the Chargers, who would very much prefer to be in that coveted fifth-seed slot, still have something to play for. But it may not be quite as simple as just wanting to win out. After all, the team that the Chargers want to overtake, the Baltimore Ravens have even more to play for in their final two games. You see, if the Ravens win out, they will have defeated the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and they could claim the AFC North Division title.

The Bengals have a tough matchup this weekend against the Buffalo Bills, if they win that game, that opens the door for the Kansas City Chiefs to earn the AFC number one seed, and enjoy the BYE week that comes with it.

Of course, the Rams may have something to say about that. Believe it or not, the Rams roll into this one playing some of their best football of the season. And a chance to play spoiler with nothing to lose sets up this game as a true trap game for the Chargers.  If the Rams win, then nothing the Chargers can do in Week 18 affects their playoff seeding.  (Unless the Ravens lose both games)

In the end, the Rams have a chance to play spoiler, improve to a record of 6-10, and get to shake hands with some friends and former teammates at the end of the game. Will the Rams emerge as the victors? While they are the underdogs, stranger things have happened this season.

Stay tuned . . .

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