LA Rams open 2023 by waiving struggling OL Bobby Evans

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have stuck with and stuck behind offensive lineman Bobby Evans for the past four seasons. The Rams believed that he was a versatile offensive lineman who could slide inside and play at an interior offensive line position as easily as his natural offensive tackle position. But as time passed, that presumption proved to be incorrect. At times, Evans put up a spirited effort.

But then, the roof would cave in and Bobby Evans was left standing as defenders rushed passed and sacked his quarterback.  And that was painful to watch. Not just at the outcome of the play, but to witness and turmoil that was evident as Evans would be there on the football, shoulders slumping, wondering what just happened.

Evans was not suited for whatever role the Rams tried to give him. In just 314 offensive snaps this season, Evans was flagged for three penalties and allowed seven quarterback sacks. His Pro Football Focus grade for the 2022 NFL season is an alarming 29.8.  That is an alarming number for a rookie. But Bobby Evans is in the fourth and final season of his rookie contract. Double that number and it remains concerning.

Sorry to see it come to this

I like Bobby Evans, and heaven knows I want what is best for him and his NFL career. With any luck, he will have another opportunity to play offensive tackle and will master the opportunity. For whatever reason, the Rams tried repeatedly to place Evans in the offensive guard position, and repeatedly Evans looked completely lost and overwhelmed when that happened.

Today, at the end of 2022, the LA Rams have made the decision as they had so often this year, to waive Bobby Evans and allow him to get a jump on signing on with a new team before the season is over.

Evans was never going to be extended at the end of this season. And with his struggles this year, he is only likely to be offered a one-year prove-it deal in the offseason.

The LA Rams have parted ways with about a half dozen or so players so far this season. This roster move was to clear a roster spot for the return of Chandler Brewer from IR. For the Rams, the move indicates a more pragmatic and objective assessment of the Rams’ roster.

But for Bobby Evans, it’s a sober and saddening turn of events. I, for one, take no joy in the news. A young man tried to give it his all and fell short. Hopefully, like all champions at heart, he will find the strength to rise once more.

Best of luck, Bobby. And thank you.

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