Will the LA Rams throw their hats back into any OBJ bidding wars?

Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl 56 Cincinnati Bengals Vs La Rams
Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl 56 Cincinnati Bengals Vs La Rams /
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The LA Rams’ miraculous 2021 season that ended with their Super Bowl LVI victory was as much a result of the teams vigorous training and preparation as it was about the planets aligning, and the cosmos providing just the right help for the team’s roster at the time it was needed most as anything.

At one point in the 2022 NFL season, it appeared as though Odell Beckham Jr. would return to the LA Rams. Well, at least that was the take from almost anyone associated with the team, from the executives to the coaches and the players. The magic was a complex formula of the team needs intersecting with player needs, and the results were . . . spectacular.

The Rams needed OBJ at one point in 2022

But that is not how the NFL typically works. Finding that magic mix of team skillsets, coaching staff, player health, and simply the luck of how the football bounces is never an easy thing to replicate.  No matter how much the team needed players to return:

The LA Rams wanted to hold onto that magic, to bring back as many players from that 2021 NFL season as the NFL salary cap would allow them to do. But, that is never easy. The price for players whose contracts expired inflated rapidly.  The Rams wanted to “Run it back!” but needed many NFL players to take a hometown discount.

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They didn’t.

Even some of the players still under contract got significant raises in their pay. All of that adds up to one simple fact. The Rams won, but the price of that success limited their options for the 2022 NFL season. But there is more to that story. During Super Bowl LVI, Rams WR Odell Beckham injured his ACL, which has sidelined him for the 2022 NFL season.

Rams rumors once linked the Rams and OBJ to, at times, what seemed to be a certainty. But the Rams struggled to win, and OBJ struggled to get healthy. So where are we now?