Will the LA Rams throw their hats back into any OBJ bidding wars?

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Mo’ money? No money . . .

In the end, the LA Rams exhausted their rainy day funds set aside to re-sign free agent wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. And it all seemed to be over as the former Rams wide receiver did his tour of interested NFL teams to lure a contract to play this season. But that didn’t pan out. Even the Dallas Cowboys, oftentimes drunk over splashy moves, have declined to sign OBJ this season.

And so, the Rams’ rumors over any Rams free agency signing of OBJ are on hold until the 2023 NFL season. But will the LA Rams enter a bidding war for the sought-after wide receiver? I’m not sure it makes sense.

The Rams have no cap space, but an abundance of WR talent

The Rams proved in 2022 to have an overabundance of talent in their wide receiver room. It was so challenging that the many options seemed to paralyze this team, forcing the Rams into a painfully predictable offense of throwing to WR Cooper Kupp or TE Tyler Higbee. We’ve seen just how much talent resides in the likes of WR Tutu Atwell, Van Jefferson, Brandon Powell, and even Austin Trammel.

After the 2022 season that found both struggles and the discovery of so much young talent, do the Rams have the same need that seemed to be so glaringly obvious in mid-October?  I love what WR Odell Beckham Jr. can do for the Rams. But there is a glut of talent at the position on the Rams roster right now.  And I, for one, do not believe in diverting more money into the LA Rams wide receiver group unless the team finds some way to cut costs at that position.

I’m no Scrooge. But the way the NFL salary cap works is that everyone has their hand out. The money paid to one player is just that much less that can be spent on another player. And on the aggregate level, a team that spends excessively on one positional group suffers by underspending on other positional groups.