With LA Rams OC Liam Coen back to NCAA, who is next up for Rams?

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Greg Olson

If you love a passing game that features multiple tight ends, and a strong commitment to the running game, then you are likely pulling for the Rams to hire Senior Offensive Assistant Greg Olson as their next offensive coordinator.

Olson is the closest modern-day throwback to “Ground Chuck” former LA Rams head coach Chuck Knox. He loves to run the football, as was the case during his four-year tenure as the Raiders’ offensive coordinator after serving one season as the LA Rams quarterback coach in 2017.  Olson loves smash-mouth football, and you could easily envision his style flourishing with the San Francisco 49ers. Is his offensive philosophy too diverse from that of McVay? It’s hard to envision Olson remaining quiet after falling behind by a touchdown, only to watch the Rams abandon a productive ground game to risk multiple turnovers and negative plays by going pass-only on offense.

Thomas Brown

It’s almost impossible to ignore the impact of Coach Thomas Brown’s return to oversee the team’s running backs. The effects were almost instant, and the team has gotten consecutive 100-yard rushing efforts out of veteran RB Cam Akers, a player who was nearly traded earlier in the season.

The LA Rams have been grooming Brown with an ever-increasing role on offense to eventually become an offensive coordinator. Is this the year that he assumes that role? Of the three possible internal candidates, Brown’s potential makes the most sense.

After all, it’s one thing to tell a guy that you are grooming him for an offensive coordinator role someday. It’s a completely different matter altogether if the Rams are shopping for an offensive coordinator, and do not extend an offer to the guy that the same team has been grooming for two years.

Will the Rams explore external candidates too? Probably. But if Liam Coen returns to the University of Kentucky to assume their offensive coordinator role once more, then the most likely next offensive coordinator for the LA Rams will be Thomas Brown.

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