Why resurging Rams RB Cam Akers final game is so vital

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Reason I: What better way to come back from an Achilles Tendon injury than three consecutive 100+ games?

Coming back from an Achilles Tendon injury for an NFL running back is one of the most difficult injuries to return from. And yet, the Rams had not seemed to consider that in the way the team set up their roster this season. Not offering a contract to 2021 leading rusher Sony Michel seemed a bit confusing. But when the Rams drafted rookie RB Kyren Williams, only to have him experience two injuries this season.

Akers is an ideal rusher for the Rams. Not only is he a hearty 5-foot-10 217-pound runner, but he has the ability to make plays by either running with the football or by catching the ball. And while he has earned a rather nefarious reputation among LA Rams fans for fumbling the ball. Curiously, he has carried the football over 300 times and has fumbled the football only three times in his NFL career.

Cam Akers is back, baby!

While he struggled early in the season, and by the eye test seemed to be with a hesitancy to plant his foot and pivot to daylight, those early season struggles seem to have been overcome with hard work, practice, and simply the ability to carry the football more than a handful of times in a game.

He has already bested his NFL career best. And his two consecutive 100+ yard games by a single Rams running back have not happened since the 2019 season with RB C.J. Anderson. Coming back from an injury is a tough task. But Cam Akers has not only done it in record time, but he appears to have come back all the way.

One final 100+ yard rushing performance will put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence.

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