5 LA Rams players you won’t see in horns in 2023

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The calendar on the wall already reads 2023. But the LA Rams, and for that matter, everyone in the NFL just finished up their 2022 NFL season. The NFL is now taking two different tracks. The postseason competition is filled with 14 of 32 NFL teams who continue to play for the right to compete in Super Bowl LVII. But that is not the track that the LA Rams are on.

That’s due to the fact that the LA Rams finished their 2022 NFL season with a deeply disappointing record of 5-12. But that record was not as much of an aggregation of failures as much as it was merely a cyclone of injuries that repeatedly hammered at the LA Rams roster, depleting the team as quickly as the Rams front office could restock the shelves, for months on end.

The LA Rams roster needs upgrades

The narratives that had populated the NFL headlines over the course of the season have fallen far short of objectivity. This has been a season that has gone awry because the Rams’ roster has not had any continuity. It wasn’t a difficult causal relationship to discover. It was simply a matter of fact that any offensive line that starts a new group of players each week is not going to have the communication and coordination worked out to flourish in the NFL. And yes, more than one opponent took advantage of the LA Rams’ offensive line situation.

But that is not where the greatest disappointments happened on the LA Rams roster. In short, much of the teams’ controversy happened in the team’s inability to commit to running the football on offense, and to defending pass plays successfully on defense. And so, the Rams roster changes this offseason are more than simply drafting offensive linemen. Truth be told, the LA Rams ended the season with five offensive linemen on injured reserve.  Of that number, only David Edwards is slated to become a free agent this year.

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But now the team must plan for their 2023 version of the Rams roster.  And as part of that process, we project not only who will be back, but who won’t be back. Here are 5 players who we do not expect to wear horns next season, and they are: