5 LA Rams players you won’t see in horns in 2023

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Player III: Interior offensive lineman

One of the clear cases of the unexpected troubles on the offensive line for the LA Rams this season is exemplified by the struggles that interior offensive lineman David Edwards experienced this year. Edwards, while unremarkable, has been a Steady-Freddie type of performer on the LA Rams offensive line. Not a Pro Bowler by any means, but performing well enough to give the quarterback, and therefore the Rams offense, a chance to make a positive play.

But in 2022, Edwards suffered a concussion in the third game of the season, entering him into the NFL concussion protocol. When he returned to start for the Rams in the fifth game of the season, he suffered another concussion. This time, the symptoms were too severe, and even as the team designated him to return to the roster, he suffered a setback and was not returned.

It’s a question of health

He remained inactive for the rest of the season.

Ultimately, David Edwards appeared in just four games and played only 230 offensive snaps. In that time, he committed one penalty but allowed three quarterback sacks. While that alone would be enough to give me due cause not to expect the guy to return to the LA Rams, this is far more serious than simply a matter of performance-related factors.

David Edwards suffered consecutive concussions this year, and what we know about the cumulative effect of those types of injuries, Edwards may be very wise to step away from the game of football, even if just for a season, to ensure that there are no long-term risks to his continued play in the NFL.