4 reasons why LA Rams trading back in 2023 NFL Draft seems likely

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Reason II: Carpet bomb the Rams roster with rookies

With the chances of fewer coach directives growing each day, the LA Rams front office is more and more likely to be interested in saturating the Rams roster with talented rookies. And the best way to do that is to saturate their roster with multiple drafted rookies to compete at key positions.

What do I mean? The Rams front office, just as every NFL team, creates draft portfolios to be read and discussed among personnel executives and the coaching staff. And the coaching staff is led in those discussions by the current head coach. But… whoops?!?  Who is the LA Rams’ current head coach? Even if you said Sean McVay, the fact that he needs to distance himself from the NFL and the Rams organization leaves a bit of a void in that lead role.

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Let’s ‘Puff the Magic Dragon,’ that draft

Undoubtedly, the Rams organization has a contingency plan in place. After all, many NFL teams are preparing for the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft without a head coach or even an idea who will be on the coaching staff by the time the draft arrives. And those teams will make their selections right on schedule.

The LA Rams, like every NFL team, can only get so close to hitting their target. But which is more effective at the rifle range? A single shot of a .22 caliber? Or a shotgun blast? Even if you don’t know a single thing about projectiles and trajectories, almost everyone has seen enough Samuel Jackson action movies to know the answer to that one.

The LA Rams do not need to hit their intended target with every rookie selection. The Rams simply need to hit their positional targets with one rookie selection. So the more picks the Rams have, the more players are selected, and the chances of getting a starter or rotational contributor increase dramatically.