4 reasons why LA Rams trading back in 2023 NFL Draft seems likely

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Reason I: Rams positioned to trade back

Because the LA Rams have a high vantage point with their four remaining allotted picks, the team is in an ideal position in each round to attract offers from other NFL teams to trade up for the Rams pick. Because the NFL Draft allows teams to regroup overnight after Round 1 and Round 3, that incentivizes other teams to trade up in the first round of the next day.

While the Rams do not possess a pick in Round 1, there is no doubt in my mind that their phones will be ringing off the hook after the end of Day 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft, with numerous teams trying to secure a contingency to trade up for the Rams Round 2 pick at 37th overall if a specific prospect falls to that spot.  Because this draft is so rich and ripe with talent, more than a half dozen or so players who possess a bonafide Day 1 draft grade could be on the board when the Rams are due to step up to the podium.

Rams do have a plan, only we don’t know what it is . . . yet

So why wouldn’t the LA Rams simply choose the best player available? Well, the team could certainly opt to do so, particularly if the perception is that a player on the board at that spot could be a true NFL starter for the Rams.

But we know that unless we are talking about a true surefire prospect (and I’m not convinced that they exist), the Rams may take the safer approach to multiply draft picks for later rounds. After all, the Rams’ current draft picks have two early picks that fall within the first 100 selections, but then do not make another selection until late in Round 5. Six of the team’s projected 10 picks occur in the last two rounds of the draft.

Strategically, the Rams may wish to have picks earlier on Day 3 and could be willing to trade back from the 37th or 70th overall pick to acquire one or more picks in Round 4. The LA Rams organization is very sophisticated in its disciplined approach to the NFL Draft, and this year will be no exception.

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