LA Rams had much better options for OC than Mike LaFleur

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Option II: Frank Reich

The other external hire I would have liked the LA Rams to look at for the vacated offensive coordinator position is former Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich. Reich had some success with the Colts, leading them to three winning seasons and two playoff berths with his time in Indianapolis. In addition, Reich is considered a great offensive mind as he has been an offensive coordinator a few times in his career with the LA Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles, most recently before the Colts’ job.

Perhaps most of all, his name continued to be mentioned as someone to keep on the radar for the Rams OC role.

He helped the Eagles win Super Bowl LII, as his innovative play design ‘Philly Philly’ which placed quarterback Nick Foles in a receiver role is one that has been replicated time and time again.  He was the guy who earned his reputation as a quarterback whisperer that season, as he coached then-quarterback Carson Wentz to the best season of his career, and then backup quarterback Nick Foles to a point of winning all the Eagles’ post-season games.

Reich is a quarterback whisperer

He has been mentioned as a guy who works well with quarterbacks and brings the best out of an offense since then. But, even though all that is important for an offensive coordinator, the most critical aspect of Reich that I like is his extensive experience.

Having a great offensive mind is one thing, but pairing that with someone with head coaching experience and respect like Reich, would be massive to this team. He would come in and be able to instantly take the pressure off McVay and not have to worry about the offense losing discipline.

Kingsbury and Reich would have made better options for the Rams’ offensive coordinator position than a younger candidate like LaFleur.

Either of the two more senior coaching veterans holds the advantage because they wouldn’t need to be taught anything new from McVay and could have complete control of the offense. LaFleur is still relatively young as an offensive coordinator in this league, so I am not sure how much power he will have or even if he’ll call plays. McVay needed a guy who could take the reigns from him and take a lot of pressure off himself. While all Rams fans hope LaFleur will be a great OC for the team, I am not in the mindset that will happen.

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