2023 LA Rams roster breakdown, shockingly thin at some positions

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Needs a bit more depth

Okay, here is where we need to gear down and go at a much slower pace. The LA Rams roster suffered a lot of injuries at wide receiver, defensive back, and offensive line positions. As such, we have to go into a bit more depth of discussion. Not only were the injuries far more extensive at these positions, but the team truly has far more players to ponder and project.

All set? Let’s dive right in:

Wide Receiver (10): The LA Rams wide receiver room is already well stocked, and borderline bursting at the seams. The LA Rams will welcome back Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, Van Jefferson, Ben Skowronek, Tutu Atwell, Lance McCutcheon, Austin Trammell, Jaquarii Roberson, and Jerreth Sterns. The team will also welcome back WR J.J. Koski, who agreed to an injury settlement in 2022 with the Rams, rounding out 10 receivers.

Who you do not see in that list of returning players is KR/PR/WR Brandon Powell. While the Rams loved Powell’s return game in 2021, his performance dropped considerably in 2022. Will that be enough for the Rams to part ways with the feisty receiver/returner? The 2023 NFL Draft is loaded with players who specialize in special teams.

You would think that the Rams, already boasting more receivers than this offense can target in a given season, unless injuries run roughshod on the roster, would be enough to make any head coach content for the 2023 NFL Season. Well, don’t fall for that one.

The LA Rams added three wide receivers to the roster in 2021, and that roster was very robust. In fact, WR Trishton Jackson, who held an active roster slot in 2020, was cut with the intention to re-sign to the LA Rams practice squad. Instead, he opted to sign with the Minnesota Vikings practice squad instead.
Status: KR/PR/Brandon Powell not extended