2023 LA Rams roster breakdown, shockingly thin at some positions

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LA Rams secondary is a primary off-season need

Whether it is the way that DC Raheem Morris prefers to play defense, or simply the limits to a young and inconsistent secondary, the LA Rams roster must upgrade this offseason in terms of pass coverage and pass defense. The Rams played a rather deep shell coverage throughout the season, simply because the team did not have the defensive backs who could tighten up their coverage.

But this is not a busted secondary. It merely needs some key pieces at positions that will enhance the skill sets of everyone.

Defensive backs (9): The Rams expect to welcome back Jalen Ramsey, Robert Rochell, Cobie Durant, Derion Kendrick, Jordan Fuller, T.J. Carter, Richard LeCount, Russ Yeast, and Quentin Lake in 2023. While that is a strong starting point for the team, the Rams will likely look to add at least four more defensive backs in the offseason. Right now, the Rams have Jalen Ramsey at outside CB, Cobie Durant as the slot CB, and may look to start Jordan Fuller and Russ Yeast as their safeties.

The Rams expired contracts include: Nick Scott, Taylor Rapp, Jake Gervase, Troy Hill, David Long Jr., Shaun Jolly, and Grant Haley. Of the group, both Shaun Jolly and Jake Gervase are projected as ERFAs, and as such, are an easy decision to extend. But what of the rest? I’d love for the team to offer an extension to Nick Scott. Of the group, he has the potential to hold the line for the LA Rams as long as they understand his limits. He has not yet developed that fine eye for anticipating routes just yet, so the team will need to pair him up with a pass-defense-savvy safety. Can Jordan Fuller be that guy? Well, he is a far better option than bringing back Taylor Rapp.

I believe that the LA Rams will select a defensive back on Day 2, and one who can play both man and zone coverages. But I would not be surprised if the Rams load up on 4-6 defensive backs this offseason.
Status: Shaun Jolly and Jake Gervase extended. Nick Scott extended with a team-friendly deal