Do you love or hate Alaric Jackson’s 2 Rams OL scenarios for 2023?

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Play it again, Sam

Measuring how effective an NFL offensive lineman is, even with the help of instant replay like All-22 and a keen eye, is limited. That is due to the fact that we can only guess over the fact of who is responsible for blocking who. That means two forms of SWAG or Scientific Wild Arse Guesswork. For the offensive line, it’s a one-for-one correspondence of offensive lineman to the nearest defender and eliminates all but the most obvious pulls and traps that are part of the standard offensive line package.

More importantly, the evaluator typically fails to follow how defensive linemen’s stunts and blitzes instantly change the offensive lineman’s blocking assignment, or even if that offensive play is designed for those defensive stunts.

That creates plenty of room for subjective interpretation, which is why a conversation between two LA Rams fans often leads to three opinions about the offensive line. And yet, that did not stop one of the LA Rams’ future offensive linemen from weighing in on the topic.

Alaric Jackson weighs in (pun intended)

I love Alaric Jackson. This is a player who is more than happy to interact with the fans and bloggers, an example of which occured this month when the mystery over his true NFL playing weight was solved, by him directly weighing in on the topic:

But when he weighed in on the LA Rams offensive line, you can bet it was worth noting. Be sure to catch his entire thread on the subject, and please note that NFL offensive linemen rarely, if ever, are willing to comment on the status and future of their teammates:

But that is just what Jackson did, and why the guy is so incredible. He is not just a versatile and excellent performer for the LA Rams, proving the ability to compete at, and start, at multiple NFL offensive linemen positions. But he’s also willing to discuss the group as a whole, as though he is the next-door neighbor who just joined in on a backyard barbecue and cracked himself a cold beer under the hot summer sun.

So let’s break it all down for you: