Do you love or hate Alaric Jackson’s 2 Rams OL scenarios for 2023?

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Alaric Jackson is on the right track folks

We all have our perspective on the state of the LA Rams offensive line. Some want the Rams to wipe the slate clean and start over, which is not reality, not practical, and most of all, not happening. Some want the Rams to start the 2023 NFL season with a wiped slate, and force competition to earn a starting role at every position.

I don’t see that as likely either. Don’t overlook the fact that the same decision makers whose decisions built the team’s 2022 offensive line are, for the most part, making those decisions. That means that the likelihood of any epiphany of the Rams roster making wholesale changes to the offensive line group is akin to selling a new car because the oil light came on.

But the heavy lifting from Alaric Jackson was contained in one more Tweet:

The ‘restructure deals’ is spot on. The Rams entrusted starting roles to players who, whether by performance or durability issues, did not and are likely not able to deliver on those roles.

What were the reactions to Alaric Jackson’s insight?

The reaction by fans to an offensive lineman sharing his thoughts about the state of the offensive line was flush with gratitude and positivity. Fans do not often get the direct views of players about the team, their unit, and the projection of the future. Here is one such reaction:

Perhaps this can serve as common ground for the heated and sometimes silly debates over the next steps to reinforce the Rams’ roster with the offensive line going forward. Even NFL insiders, analysts, pundits, and former players have no better vantage point than an active member of the Rams roster. Not just any ole performer, but one who has held his feet to the fire, and held up very well.

It’s quite clear that Alaric Jackson is not shaken. For my part, I can go with that for now.

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