LA Rams coaching updates. Who may be on the move?

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Coaching vacancies are not done just yet

The LA Rams have had a surprising interest in their coordinators and coaches. Surprising in that the typical path for a 5-12 team is to blow up the works and start over. But this is a coaching staff that has long been respected, admired, and coveted by NFL teams. Just because the group is emerging from a bad year has done little to diminish the amount of interest in the Rams coaching staff.

Even as fans cheer and applaud the chance for the team to lose defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, has anyone forgotten how the loss of one member from the Rams coaching staff to take on a new role elsewhere often leads to the loss of other coaches to follow him to that new team?

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Raheem Morris

LA Rams Defensive Coordinator Raheem Morris is certainly a candidate who deserves to have a shot as a head coach in 2023. He has been one before, and inevitably will likely be one again. Will that happen in 2023?

Right now, he is on the shortlist for both the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos as a candidate for their head coaching role. While the Colts interview seems to have gone well, I cannot ignore the fact a Broncos hire of Morris almost guarantees the retention of their star defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero, whose defense was among the best in the NFL.

Will he land either role? I’d say the odds of his doing so are about 50/50. But that does not prevent the Rams from improving in 2023.